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Consumer Law

Pursuing cases on behalf of clients for the mis selling of a variety of products such as solar panels.

Negligent Financial Advice

Acting for clients who have suffered financial losses as a result of poor/negligent financial advice from a regulated advisor.

Business Energy Switches

Investigating energy contracts for businesses that were negligently advised by a Broker to transfer their energy supplier.

Business Interruption Insurance

Assisting businesses who have lost out financially as a result of Co-vid 19 or other factors and their insurers have refused to pay out.

Road Traffic Accidents

Recovering damages for clients who have been involved in non fault road traffic collisions.

Employers Liability

Compensation claims for clients who have suffered injury and loss as a result of a negligent act of an employer.

Public Liability

Compensation claims for clients who have suffered injury and loss as a result of an accident or a slip, trip or fall.

Debt Recovery

Recovering money owed to individuals and businesses when they have not been paid.

How It Works

5 simple steps to winning your case

The first step you need to take is to contact us. You will be under no obligation so we will not pressure you and one of our friendly team will simply assess your case and tell you if we think it could be worth pursuing.

We will discuss your potential claim to ascertain if we believe that you have reasonable prospects of success. We are completely transparent with clients and if we feel you have a claim, we will tell you. Equally, if we do not think your claim has prospects of success we will advise you of the same.

Once we have carried out our initial assessment, and confirmed the case has reasonable prospects of success we will need to begin the process of getting your claim underway. The first thing we will do once we have assessed your case is send you our client care letter and a copy of our No Win No Fee Agreement for your peace of mind. This will confirm that there will be no charge for the work carried out in the vast majority of cases should your claim not be successful. If there is something that you do not understand or you would like assistance, we are happy to work through this with you.

We will gather the evidence required to prove your case, by reviewing your paperwork and making requests for any information you are unable to provide. By signing authorities, we will make these requests on your behalf as part of our service. If any expert evidence is required we will make the necessary arrangements on your behalf. 

We will identify the relevant Defendant and make a claim on your behalf, setting out the issues and wherever possible, the financial or compensatory remedies that we seek on your behalf to successfully resolve the matter.  Depending on the response we can advise of the next steps if we remain unsatisfied with the outcome which may involve escalating the claim to the relevant mediator or the Courts depending on the type of claim.

We will provide comprehensive advice on any decision received, including all the options available and the merits and risks of challenging any offers. If your case has been successful, we will request payment from the Defendants or relevant body to finalise the claim and forward this after deducting our agreed fee.

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    Standing up for the rights of consumers and accident victims

    RMD Legal pride themselves on standing up for the rights of the Consumer and accident victims and representing those individuals who have suffered financial loss due to the negligent actions of others.

    We have assisted thousands of clients in recovering financial losses and compensatory damages from large corporate entities including Banks, Motor Liability Insurers and other Financial Institutions.

    The last 10 years have seen a number of financial scandals and obstacles to recovering damages for accident victims. 
    At RMD Legal we strive to reset the balance and to assist individuals by representing them to recover financial losses due to injury and loss, negligent advice and exaggerated benefits.


    what our client's say

    Wow! I am gobsmacked. This has all happened far quicker than I could ever have imagined. I would highly recommend your professionalism, your patience, and above all everything you have done for me and Paula. Thank you so much once again!

    Tim V and Paula N (Coventry) ,


    Thanks a million, I’m delighted and it was totally unexpected. The whole process was effortless and the outcome was excellent. It was a great reeeeeeesult!

    James C (Lochore) ,

    mis-sold solar panel client who received an offer of £11,400

    I did not believe my case would be successful after my previous Solicitor said they could not assist me any further and closed down my claim. I am so glad I contacted RMD Legal for a second opinion on my case. They were fast, efficient and did exactly as they promised.

    Ali M (Glasgow) ,

    mis-sold solar panel client who received an offer of £8,800

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