Debt Recovery

The non-payment of invoices is a common problem for individuals and businesses and can cause delays and disruption to finances, productivity and supply chain.  

The ideal outcome in this situation is to reach an agreement to secure repayment without harming an on-going business relationship. 

If a resolution cannot be reached through mediation, we can evaluate with you whether the debtor is worth pursuing through the Court system, and whether any judgment against them could be effectively enforced to secure the payment.  

Going about this without alienating business partners can be a tricky task, but our team have a wealth of knowledge and offer a wide range of services and debt recovery solutions, and each client is considered individually, examining the situation and their circumstances, in order to deliver a solution that is tailored to their needs.

Our fees can may be passed on to your debtor in some cases.  The majority of debts collected without the need for legal action and we offer fix fee Litigation should it be required to proceed through the Courts.

We are able to assist with:
  • No win – no fee collection
  • No up front charges
  • Free service in certain cases
  • Personal service
  • Collected cash straight to your account
  • Low legal fees and fixed fee litigation

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